Wednesday, September 23, 2009

2009-09/23 1:07pm Miracle Update

Hello if anybody is reading this...

Yesterday was a train wreck. Yes I got my job back, but I was still working for/with my cousin whom I have a hard time working with. Maybe it was the hurt she caused me in the past or perhaps the past lives we had together. I had a past life regression before, wherein she was there and I was a high army officer in 12th century Japan. We were mongols and I was assigned to Japan (later on I was able to verify that the mongols were indeed in Japan in the 12th century). We were both males during that time, and I hated her then. I hated killing people and hated the the fact that I was there. I was a philosopher/soldier then. It was a profound experience for me, and I was able to verify through that experience where I got my phobia that my left leg was crushed. In fact the phobia was so real to me that I used to wear a shin guard whenever I was driving because I have this profound fear that my leg is going to be crushed and that I might lose my leg. It was a very scary thing for me. And I was able to find out the cause for this through that past life regression. I found out there that the Japanese rivolted against us, and they crushed me with stones, but I bled to death because of the injury in my leg.

Anyway, back to my thing yesterday. there was indeed a small miracle in a way since my friend called me and told me that he'll help me find a car at craigslist and that he'll also help me fix our doorknob (which was broken and I could not fix it). However, he was not able to go here yesterday. At any rate, it mattered to me that he called and offered help at least.

So yesterday was pretty hectic and full of disappointments. I am beginning to have doubts seep in about baba's miracles, but then I found this blog: wherein she is testifying there the effectivity of mantras, only when you are doing it for 40 days.

I guess it depends on one's karma, how fast things can manifest. Nevertheless I am continuing the mantras daily, especially my covenant with baba to chant:
Om Guru Namashivaya Dram Dattatreya Siva Baba Namaha
I guess I'll have to wait 40 days before anything big comes my way :(

Anyway, I am still glad to have found Baba. He is the greatest teacher I've ever met. His compassion to help and teach people is just so real and I feel it everytime. I love him with all my heart, and he is the only one that keeps me going right now with my life.

I thank him for being there, and for giving me the strength to endure the pressures of daily life.

I also bought 130 limes yesterday to complete my 1008. I had a hard time counting them last night. But I'll start transferring my bad financial karma there tonight, and maybe start cutting them tomorrow or friday.

So there you go, not much miracles yesterday, but hopefully will have something today.

No matter how I feel Baba, I still love you very much. Thank you for loving humanity and me although we have never met yet.

Till my next blog... 

Monday, September 21, 2009

2009/09-21 Miracle Update 2:01PM

Hello if anybody is reading this haha,

I missed blogging yesterday. Generally the day yesterday was pretty frustrating. No big miracle yet from baba, but I noticed a big change in my attitude about getting frustrations like that.

It was miles away from what I used to be before, when getting frustrated for me means thinking suicidal thoughts and doing things that hurt me. I know I'm crazy, my friends and family tell me that all the time. Well, you just don't know what I've been through all my life. My life is like a 6 Flags roller coaster. I lived on the edge all throughout my life. Going to deep successes helping build a multi-million telecommunications business with my cousin at age 24 to living at the edge of poverty line at 32 (without a car and job, haha). Luckily I have good friends and a bestfriend/soulmate that really helped me all throughout. She is the only one that I hang on to right now. She and her family are my rock aside from God and Baba.

I lost my mom when I was 18, and my dad 9 years ago. They left me 2 wonderful siblings, but I am thousands of miles away from my brother and little sister. It gets so lonely sometimes. But I know God, the Universe and (now) Baba never ever left me. I'll be with my siblings especially my little sister soon. I believe Baba will help me. That's for sure ;)

As I've told you my life is like a 6 flags roller coaster. I'm at the bottom right now materially and financially. But knowing Baba I feel like I am propelled at rocket speed upwards into space.

I slept around 1am last night listening to baba's teachings some more. I also bought around 700 key limes (the small ones) from 99cents for 1008 lime cutting ritual I am about to perform. I still need around 308 key limes as I shoved all of 99cent's stocks haha. The cashier asked why I need so many limes, I just told her I have a huge margarita party :D

Anyway, life without a car can be pretty frustrating, but thanks to Baba, I am a totally changed person. I chant mantras before going to sleep, during sleep I listen to his karma busting mp3, and wake up at 7am to do chants for 1 hour. I never was this focused in my life since I have ADD and it's so hard to get my attention like this. Again this is a miracle from Baba.

And then for the miracle of the day!


I am working for my cousin (who is totally frustrating to work with by the way). She feels the same way about me. But she is my cousin and I love her to death. I guess that's what happens when you work with/for family.

I admit it's my fault why I drove her to the point of letting me go. I guess I was so frustrated about my life going nowhere despite trying so hard (being an Anthony Robbins and self development fanatic). I tried my first big business last year 2008 that resulted in the biggest blow in my personal life, next to the fall of my cousin's telecom company last 2005. I felt so powerless and so confuesed about what is wrong with me. Am I cursed? I was seriously questioning my sanity already. And feeling that I could no longer help our family business because of my issues, I drove her to the point of firing me.

I mean I love my job, and I love her as my cousin, but I hate working for her. I am the idea person and she is the financier. She is a type A person and I am type B. I create the business ideas and she spends all the money haha. Anyway, I love my cousin despite everything that went through with us. She is the only family I look up to here in the USA. And despite all the challenges, I don't think I can enjoy my success without my family anyway. What is the point?

Baba will make a way for me soon. I know that :)

Anyway, I don't want to bore you guys anymore about my lousy life.

More on the miracles...

I received a letter about doing seva for baba yesterday through audio/video work. I immediately emailed Bhuvana about my interest into doing anything for Baba. And I'm so happy to receive a reply today. Since I can't stop myself from thinking about Baba and listening to Baba everyday, why not do work for him on that? It is a dream seva come true :D

So that's another miracle for me right there. Though I'm still looking forward to Baba's big financial miracle for me. I am waiting on that, and I don't have any doubt in my mind that he will help me and you'll soon see my update on that :) Well I got my job back! What am I talking about?? There's a big miracle there!

Thank you Baba, and again I want to tell you how much I love you. And I really pray that I will meet you someday.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

2009-09/19 Miracle Update

Here is another day to celebrate God's blessings through Dattatreya Siva Baba. Everyday is filled with joy and anticipation for me now on what I can learn from Baba today and what miracles await me.

I woke up very early today around 5am and all night I listened to his Karma Busting chant:

"Thiru Neela Kantam"

I also listened to the meditation and feel so much peaceful. I am noticing the change in my attitude towards life. There are still a lot of things that need to change in me. But Baba is a wonderful therapy, because things are really shifting around me and inside of me. I still feel a tingling at the crown of my head although it's not like it used to be after I received the Grace Light on his video.

There are a lot of things I have not shared with you yet with regards to Baba. I will one day share it with you for those who don't know about Baba and Grace Light, and the mantras that Baba has been so freely giving away to people.

I suggest you search them for yourself as what he is doing is a phenomenon. I thank him everyday and I am just so happy to be living in this time and hear his teachings.

Anyway for my miracle updates:

MIRACLE UPDATE 1:36 PM: None yet :( financially, but at least the aircon guy fixed our aircon a couple of hours ago so that it's not so hot here at our rented house in West Covina, CA anymore. I still have around 10 hours left with this day to see baba's miracle for today :) and I am so very much looking forward to it. I'll update this blog once I get my miracle for today.

NEW LESSONS: Just a couple of hours ago, I finished watching Baba's conference at San Francisco where he discussed that rituals are more powerful than mantras, and I totally agree with him, as I have experienced them (although on a negative sense) last year. In the part 4 of the video, he says that to solve a really big problem, I need to cut 1008 lemons and the problem will be miraculously solved. I don't have a car yet, so I'll have to wait for my friend when she comes home and I'll go get myself some lemons to solve my financial problems. I'll update you on this as well.

So these are my updates for now, I will be updating this blog after a few hours once I get a new miracle from Baba today. Till then...

Friday, September 18, 2009

2009-09/18 Miracle Update

Hello friends,

The day has almost ended and I chanted the following mantras I learned from baba:

Om Guru Namashivaya
Dram Dattatreya Siva Baba Namaha

This mantra is supposed to give you the power to attract money or gifts literally out of the blue.

RESULT: My friend treated me to small night time snack around $7

Well it's not a lot but I count it as a miracle nevertheless.

Thank you baba, I am looking forward for the big miracle tomorrow. I'll update you guys tomorrow :)

More on Baba...

Hello I just want to catalog the many miracles that Dattatreya Siva Baba has done in my life. I have known him only for a couple of days, but he already completely turned my life around.

A series of major setbacks had recently pushed my deppression over the edge and caused me to think of actually realizing the suicidal thoughts that constantly visits my consciousness before.

After doing so many things, self help books, guru after guru. I finally had it. I felt so powerless. I felt so helpless. I lost my car 2 weeks ago. I lost my job a couple of days ago. My relationships are in turmoil. And this is despite doing my best to change my life and realize my dreams. I did feng shui. I initiated with a certain guru (I won't mention his name) who promised to give the sun's energy and remove all my sadness and deppression away, so that after he can charge around 1000+ to charge you with the moon's energy, blah blah blah. And all I got after all the changes that I tried to do was lose my car, lose my job, have fights with my family and my loved ones, and my life turning upside down.

Then Datta Baba came along. The first time I saw him, I was hooked. His eyes draw something out of me that I cannot explain. There was a genuine and sincere feeling with him that is undescribable. He also does not withold stuff from ordinary people like me who are eager to learn and know more about the mysteries of God and the reality of our life here on Earth. He makes these mysteries easy to understand and also very logical to digest as well. He also teaches mystical and spiritual things that can easily be applied in a PRACTICAL way in our daily lives.

I learned a couple of mantras from him for the 3 days that I have known him since I saw his videos at youtube, and I can say that I feel the change in myself daily because of this.

There are a lot of gurus out there, but he is the only one that I felt really sincere about changing people's lives spiritually and materially/practically. He does not make false promises, he does not charge you thousands of dollars just to know about mantras and be initiated in certain processes. He has a genuine concern to change people's lives.

I believe in mantras. I had a very powerful experience about it last year 2008. I will tell you about this later in another blog. And I've met gurus and masters who will suck you out of money just so you can get knowledge from them. But Datta Baba is different, and for this he has earned my utmost loyalty, dedication and trust.

This blog will be cataloging the daily miracles that Datta Baba is bringing in my life. I will be honest here and make objective comments on the things that I will be experiencing from following Datta Baba's teachings. I am filled with hope for the future because of Datta Baba.

I love you Baba and thank you for everything. I truly hope to see you one day.

Thanks for Datta Baba...

Thank you Universe for bringing Dattatreya Siva Baba in my life.

He is such a wonderful blessing. Truly a most generous person who thinks and loves people most generously.

I have known a lot of other gurus out there and they would not share secrets or matras without you paying exorbitant sums of money.

He is different. Yes he still charges for his talks and programs, but it is not as much as other gurus do.

What I find interesting also is that Datta Baba, makes things very easy to understand for me.

I have known him through youtube for only a few days but he has already changed my life.

This blog is my attempt to catalog the miracles I have been getting because of this Datta Baba's miracles.

I just want to say with all my heart... "Thank you Datta Baba for the miracles and I love you so very much."